Lessons in Engineering Leadership

Hi there! I’m Kelly Vaughn.

I’m currently Director of Engineering at Spot AI. I’ve been in engineering leadership for the past 8 or so years in varying capacities, both as an entrepreneur and in a more traditional role.

I started this newsletter to share with you what I know, but more importantly to give you an inside view into what I’m learning, where I’m struggling, and to show you a real view of engineering leadership.

I’ve talked to countless individual contributors who say they have no idea what actually goes on behind the scenes in management. I’ve also talked to engineering managers who were placed in their role because they were good at their job as an IC. (We’ve all heard this story).

This newsletter is for everyone. The IC interested in going into management. The IC who just wants to know what in the world is happening in the mind of an engineering leader. The early manager who wants to hone their craft. The experienced manager who recognizes the value in continued education as a leader.

The best news? This newsletter takes less than 5 minutes to read once a week. I’m busy, you’re busy. Enjoy these nuggets of information without the major time commitment.

Every Tuesday morning. See you in your inbox!